Like the sands of the hourglass

These are my thoughts…. 


From the Status Bar of G-Mail

So I was deleting a message from my g-mail account and I looked up and read the status message after I deleted it.  It said “this conversation has been moved to the trash”.  *LMAO* if you know how appropriate this is.  I mean how many conversations have you had with friends, co-workers, parents, lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends, total strangers, acquaintances, etc and you KNEW if was bullshyt when you were having it, but you engaged them as if what they were saying made two licks of sense.  I may nod, but sometimes the energy it takes isn’t even worth it.  Much easier to smile and nod. Then I do just that what g-mail says move that conversation to the TRASH!!  *LMAO*  That’s what my favorite BLAST of all time is about: "I’m not a stupid bytch, I just play one on TV!" came from.  Now, my problem is sometimes I don’t move trash conversation to the trash and well you know what happens with trash you don’t get rid of.  IT STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!!


So where is your BS meter?  I mean for the most part I am good at detecting it, however sometimes I am not so good of getting rid of it completely, you know.  I kinda let it linger around til it smells like road kill on the 5th day warmed by the H-town sun(bug larvae included) !


ooooooOOOOO I think they like me, but not as much as I wanted them to! *LOL*

So I am a contract worker at my job and yesterday they made me an offer. Yippee, however it was far less than what I wanted and what I make contract, but the benis are great and I love the people I work with.  And I will be an officer in the bank which is cool, just means I get more vacations and bigger percentages in bonus.  Granted this will be less money than I make however it is still VERY GOOD money, plus there is a pretty much guaranteed bonus that will take me to what I wanted to make salary wise  Sure I wish it was not salary + bonus that would get me to my magic number, however it is nothing to sneeze at, plus I LOVE WORKING HERE!! I mean I may be able to work somewhere else, but there is no guarantee I would be as happy with my co-workers, manager, growth opportunity, and freedom. Actually I KNOW I wouldn’t be.  So with that being said, I am about to leave the world of contracting/consulting and become a FTE (Full Time Employee) again.  It’s been a minute since I have been but I am sure it everything will be copacetic.  Did I also mention that I think the stuff I am doing will be stuff that will allow me to write my ticket anywhere in the banking industry once I do it.

So I may not be able to spend money on a new pair of Jimmy Choos shoes with this salary or a new Louie, I still can afford  a few pairs of Nine West and get my Louie’s from e-bay.  I don’t want to be greedy; sometimes money is NOT the only determining factor in this thing you know.  I am young and I still have PLENTY of time to make it to my salary gals, I am already ahead of that curve so to speak. 


Well I gotta go!!


Be EZ,


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3 Responses to Like the sands of the hourglass

  1. Castles says:

    Greetings from Shanghai.

  2. HistoricAnya says:

    Woot!!  Sounds like you\’re moving right along with your goals, and it sounds like a great opportunity for you!  Plus, who doesn\’t love having benefits?  Congrats, woman!!!  🙂

  3. Renee says:

    So glad work is going well… lol that is too funny, this conversation has been moved to the trash… never noticed that aspect of it before… like you said probably should have been in the trash in the first place…
    It kinda like my theory about your life being a sitcom, with people making guest appearance and or becoming part of the cast… I still have several people that I want to die off my show… dude from the gym… ex bf who is stalking me through spaces… if only life where that simple

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