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Moving !!

Well, Spaces has been good to me and like a man who waits to make sure his new girlfriend is working out before he leaves his old one, I am now leaving Spaces to blog in yet another spot (I actually have been blogging somewhere else before this spot too!).
So if you come here looking to see what’s up with the OG, I kindly direct you to my new place http://www.theglamchron.blogspot.com/!
Same great blogs with out a lot of the other extra stuff!! Enjoy!
Be EZ,

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Friday was a GREAT day not just a good one!!

Ok Ok…I’m kinda back. Well not really but I tought I should share just in case someone decided to check on me in these here parts of the world!!  I won’t waste time trying to catch you up, you will find my life is much like a soap opera if you keep on watch long enough you’ll figure ourt what’s going on pretty quickly. I can’t promise any kinda regular blog schedule here, but Imma try to post every now and again.

Friday I signed a contract to build my house. I signed it, it just little old me being responsible for a house. I am so psyched. When I left my house, I  gave myself 2 years to get a new one.  The thing is everything about this house is what I want from the floorplan, where it will be located, and to the lot.  I picked the lot with the help of a good friend.  When I signed the contract, the closing date for my complete home was given to me as 2-28-07. 

That will be pretty much a year to the date I left my house and moved in my apartment.  3-1-05 was the day that we both use as the END of us and the beginning of the next chapter.  It’s funny how cyclical life is.  I hope I close on that day it will be a wonderful FULL CIRCLE MOMENT.  Even if I don’t, when I move in the house I will have met my goal and I love reaching goals.  Something about setting a goal and achieving it, I really love timed goals well when I reach them that is. 

I’m so excited because this is on my own. I mean my first house was with my ex and he reminded me very much that his parents were a big part of us getting the house and they were. They were great to us and their present allowed us to be able to get married in a big way and move into a home.  Now don’t get it twisted we put money in too, its just that things would have been a lot tighter if not for them.  Good people.  Anyway, this time there are no gifts, no second income, nothing but me.  It’s very scary in a lot of ways, but it is really exciting too. I know I’m a dork.  

I just want to be able to do on my own, not because I am selfish but I guess because I’m proud.   I just want to be able to take care of myself and not rely on any man to save me.  I think that could be a turn off to many, but that’s me and I have found out there are a few men that appreciate that drive within me! *wink*


What else has been going on in my life?   

Well, I had to talk to my ex recently.  He told me he was getting remarried, to be honest I am surprised it took him so long.  Most men who married tend to remarry, not all the time, but usually.  And many times they marry within 2 years of being divorced.  Anyway can I tell you guys a secret…come in a little closer…closer… I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO ECSTATIC ABOUT SOMETHING IN MY LIFE!!!  I mean I think I am supposed to be the bitter ex-wife, but I’m not.  I would send a gift but that’s not appropriate. Now do I still think my ex has some issue YEP, but that don’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be loved by someone unconditionally we all deserve that at least once in our lives.  Anyway, I have accepted my lot in life to be the evil ex-wife, the reality that we all chose to live in is just that our reality.  *lol*

What else has been going on…work has been super hectic.  I have been presented with opportunity and I am going to do my best to take advantage of this opportunity.  A job is work but I am happy that I have a job I love doing and allows me to do and invest in things that I really want to do.

Ok check this out…one my good friends sent this to me. I had to share.  I love Shaq I think he has a great sense of humor and GOD KNOWS I love LeBron!! Anyway peep this and tell me Shaq’s commentary is not funny.



As the year comes to an end…

This year has definitely been a growing year.  I mean I have no regrets about anything that has happened or been done by me or to me.  Things happen for a reason. I have learned when you pray for discernment or revelation BE READY!!!

It seems every time I ask God for confirmation about things that I am not clear headed on he answers me in a big way.  Anyway with the new year staring me in the face I am excited.  I just started working on a new plan well 5 year plan.  My plan includes starting a new business venture with friends, taking the GMAT, applying to business school and a plan to begin saving money and doing research for a dream of mine.  Well I gotta go… I got dreams to chase!!


Be EZ,



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I’m Alive ! Just living!

This will be quick, because this is really a day for rememberance. I wanted to let those of you who still come by to check on me know emphatically " YES! I am alive and yes I am blogging, just not on here."
I plan to start blogging here again.  Not sure how I will use this platform, but I know some people still tool around these parts of the internets to check on me! So, I will leave a few nuggets here to let you know how I’m doing from time to time (more regular than the 4 mos you had to wait for this entry)!! So look to hear MORE from me in the next week or two maybe a WHAT I DID ALL SUMMER blog…peace and hair grease!!
Be EZ,
PS- Check out the latest photos in my album,  most of them are from my most fabulous summer. I am sad to see it go, but really excited for the fall to come !!
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Like the sands of the hourglass

These are my thoughts…. 


From the Status Bar of G-Mail

So I was deleting a message from my g-mail account and I looked up and read the status message after I deleted it.  It said “this conversation has been moved to the trash”.  *LMAO* if you know how appropriate this is.  I mean how many conversations have you had with friends, co-workers, parents, lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends, total strangers, acquaintances, etc and you KNEW if was bullshyt when you were having it, but you engaged them as if what they were saying made two licks of sense.  I may nod, but sometimes the energy it takes isn’t even worth it.  Much easier to smile and nod. Then I do just that what g-mail says move that conversation to the TRASH!!  *LMAO*  That’s what my favorite BLAST of all time is about: "I’m not a stupid bytch, I just play one on TV!" came from.  Now, my problem is sometimes I don’t move trash conversation to the trash and well you know what happens with trash you don’t get rid of.  IT STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!!


So where is your BS meter?  I mean for the most part I am good at detecting it, however sometimes I am not so good of getting rid of it completely, you know.  I kinda let it linger around til it smells like road kill on the 5th day warmed by the H-town sun(bug larvae included) !


ooooooOOOOO I think they like me, but not as much as I wanted them to! *LOL*

So I am a contract worker at my job and yesterday they made me an offer. Yippee, however it was far less than what I wanted and what I make contract, but the benis are great and I love the people I work with.  And I will be an officer in the bank which is cool, just means I get more vacations and bigger percentages in bonus.  Granted this will be less money than I make however it is still VERY GOOD money, plus there is a pretty much guaranteed bonus that will take me to what I wanted to make salary wise  Sure I wish it was not salary + bonus that would get me to my magic number, however it is nothing to sneeze at, plus I LOVE WORKING HERE!! I mean I may be able to work somewhere else, but there is no guarantee I would be as happy with my co-workers, manager, growth opportunity, and freedom. Actually I KNOW I wouldn’t be.  So with that being said, I am about to leave the world of contracting/consulting and become a FTE (Full Time Employee) again.  It’s been a minute since I have been but I am sure it everything will be copacetic.  Did I also mention that I think the stuff I am doing will be stuff that will allow me to write my ticket anywhere in the banking industry once I do it.

So I may not be able to spend money on a new pair of Jimmy Choos shoes with this salary or a new Louie, I still can afford  a few pairs of Nine West and get my Louie’s from e-bay.  I don’t want to be greedy; sometimes money is NOT the only determining factor in this thing you know.  I am young and I still have PLENTY of time to make it to my salary gals, I am already ahead of that curve so to speak. 


Well I gotta go!!


Be EZ,


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An Open Letter

This weekend…I decided to do a little soul searching and I asked myself what would I tell the next man who dared to try to love me.  This is what I came up with.  It was very therapuetic.  Not sure if I want to love anyone, however I am learning that sometimes things don’t happen when you want them to. I just like flexing my creativity in different ways…hope you like



To the man who will make me love him: 


Hey, we don’t know each other yet.  I mean you don’t know how much you love the nerdy little things I do.  You don’t know that you like the fact that my inside voice and my outside voice only barely differ.  You don’t know that you love my outspokenness and the way I have an opinion about every phucking thing in the world.  You don’t know you love the way I always seem to let you be you, no matter what.  You haven’t felt the comfort of my love yet.  You haven’t felt the warmth of my touch and how much I care.  You don’t know that you phucking hate my outspokenness and how I have an opinion on everything.  You wish you knew how someone so strong, independent, and obstinate to others could make you feel like you are “Da Man” when it came to dealing with things concerning me and you.  You don’t know you are the only one to see my vulnerability, tears, and fears. Or that your voice calms all those things.


You don’t know that when I look at you, you can feel my love surround you.  You don’t know that you have experienced an ally so strong and a friend so great, that you wake up to check every morning and see if I am real.  You don’t know that you make me crazy with desire when I think about you thinking about looking at me.  You don’t know that when I look at you that all men will fail in comparison.  You don’t know that when you touch me, I am ready to rock that all night. 


You don’t know that my love will open up a world that we’ve never known, because it will be different because my love for you will be unconditional, many have experienced my loyalty, my kindness, and my like; but FEW have experienced my love.  The only reason I am writing you before this love of ours starts is, I may get cold feet and I may get changed before I meet you.  I may decide love is not worth the toll.  I may decide that love is not meant for me or that love is only for those who look, act, or live a certain way. 


So just in case I forget how alive loving you will be, or I let someone take my ability away, I want you to make sure that you are you.  I want you to make sure you don’t change anything about yourself.  I want to make sure that you don’t let them change you; because I know that if you remain who you are, there will be no way that I can do anything but love you.  If you are you then there is no way that I can’t love you.  It won’t matter what the world does to me or how it may make me doubt happiness and all those things people write about, if you are you- I will love you, because I have no choice.


 I will have no choice to love you because when I look into your eyes I will know that you were made for me.  When you touch me my heart will flutter and my soul will smile.  I may put up a front at first, because many will have come to steal the love I have for you from me, but I will know.  All I say is just let me be me and love me, because I will recognize you by your love, the look in your eyes, and the warmth of your embrace.  . It won’t be easy loving me, but it will be very worth it.


Ok, well I have to go now, I am not sure if we have met yet. I am not sure if I will even like you when I meet you, however I am sure that if you love me just a little perhaps I might give up the armor around my heart and trust you with it, just remember I do all this heart protection because love is life changing and losing love is gut wrenching, two things that really scare me.  I don’t want fear to make me miss you, but maybe it already has.   If it hasn’t and you are still around, just lean in, look me in my eyes and say “Monique, just take a chance and trust me with your heart.”  I can’t promise I will, but I will try to trust you with my heart and hopefully love you and that is more than I have done in a very long time. 



Your love,

The eternal optimist



Be Ez,


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I woke up this morning and thanked God for this 33rd year of my life.  At this moment my mortality has been slapping me in the face.  My friend lost a brother this weekend, he was only 32.  So I am MOST grateful that I have lived to see my 33rd birthday. 


As I lay in bed my phone rang and of course it was my Mom.  As always she was the first person to wish me a happy birthday.  I got ready for work and headed in and found on my desk a beautiful vase of roses, from a co-worker.  She and her daughter picked them out for me, I was so very surprised. Then I logged into 360 and boy all the birthday messages are flowing, if I haven’t said thank you, I will there are just a lot of wishes coming into me at this moment. 


My mom just came down and gave me a card and a piece of carrot cake.  The card had me all teary eyed at work.  Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about my life as I approach this birthday. I mean last year on my birthday it was the beginning of a very hard period for me; I struggled in finding my single self and what that really meant.  I mean I had been part of a couple for a very long time.  I mean I had gotten use to companionship and the novelty of being alone and single had started to wear off and 32 is when I really worked out what I think being single looks like for me. 


I mean what I realize is that being single looks different from everyone.  I mean we are all human and we are all unique and different in how we handle the same situations.  There really is no magic pill, book, or person who can lead us to our own happiness.  Happiness begins in you, and I know I blog a lot about men and women and relationships and random crap, but the reality is no matter what rules, books, or people you decide to follow for love, success, and happiness.  All of those things begin in you.  You have to love you.  You have to see yourself as a success.  You have to be happy with you. 


That is what it really boils down to, being your friend.  Before I turned 32 I thought I was happy with me.  And I was, on a very superficial level.  What unfolded for me at 32 made me stop regroup and do a few things.  I began making myself spend alone time with me.  I realized that I had become comfortable just being around others when I got uncomfortable in my aloneness (not so much loneliness…but that sometimes).  I had never lived by myself so I never had to really learn to be comfortable by myself.  I went from home, to school (4 roommates), to single life (1 roommate), to marriage (a husband), to divorce (NO ROOMMATE).  Before I was divorced I was so grateful for alone time because it never came, there was never too much of it, because I had rarely had any in my entire adult life. 


Then after I left my husband I would just fill my time up being busy with men, friends, work, and life.  So alone time again was welcome.  Then there were several events that lead me to force myself to be alone even when I didn’t want to.  Man that is how you really make yourself grow. You face you when you don’t want to be around you.  I really think that has helped me so much, because now I recognize when things are me.  I see when I am being an azz and even with men, I tend to look at situations with them and know when it’s me, when it’s him, and when it is a little of both.  I know that I won’t just be in a relationship because I am lonely or it demonstrates relationship qualities or because there is no reason for me not to be in one. 


I will only be in a relationship if I can trust him with my heart (the most important thing) and I have learned that, takes much longer than I have ever really given a man.  I mean I have trusted a few men with my heart and I don’t regret it, not because some didn’t hurt my heart, but because with each I learned what I did right to trust them and what I did wrong in trusting them.  I also learned to love me TOTALLY. 


I began to love me when I am sitting in the dark, alone, no pretense, and no show. That is when you look at all the things about you.  The reason it is so hard to love you is because you know all the bad things about you, all the horrible things you say when no one is listening and think.  I learned at 32 what I thought I already was doing. I learned to LOVE me, but not just the public facing me. 


See that was the difference that was the piece that was missing for so long.  I loved me, but I loved the Monique that everyone else saw, you know the loud, funny, smart, Monique, the Original Glamazon Monique, the on her grind Monique, the good friend Monique.  I did not love the private Monique.  The insecure about her looks Monique, the struggling with her weight Monique, and the looking for validation of love Monique.  The summer of 32 made me face all of that.  Made me look Monique, public and private, in her face and say you know what you are not perfect and you are not good, but you are not bad either.  You are you and you are beautiful in all your imperfections, because those imperfections MAKE YOU YOU.  That was my REAL ah ha moment.  I am so glad I had it.  I mean I thought I had it before, but now I know I really got it.  Even when I may forget, it does comeback.


It has been a journey to 33 and there have been some very dark times during that journey, but at the same time I wouldn’t trade one tear.  I am happy to say that where I am today is a better place than I was last year and I will try my best to be better next year than I was this year.  If I can’t grow, then what am I living for.? Life is about learning and living and growing.


So to all who have wished me a Happy Birthday, thank you!! Thank you and I wish you guys the same peace, love, and serenity I feel in my heart at this moment.  God, 33 is going to be a very good year for me.  I can feel it!


Be EZ,


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